The Latest 5SOS Album...

I'm about three months late to the party with this review, but give me a break. I've been completely consumed in the K-pop world for the last three years, and it's been undoubtedly clouding my mind and taking quite a bit of my attention. But I'm here now, and needless to say, this latest 5SOS album is my favorite by far.

The band is made up up four men: the lead singer, Luke, the bass player, Calum, the guitarist, Michael, and the drummer, Ashton. I've been a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer since they debuted in the "popular" music scene in 2014 with "She Looks So Perfect" from their first self-titled studio album. They were on tour with One Direction at the time and I loved One Direction, and the more I listened to 5SOS's music, the more I loved their music. If you haven't heard their music, they can easily be compared to Blink-182, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, or All Time Low. The first studio project was a very punk-rock teen anthem album that, in my opinion, will forever be a timeless album. The second "Sounds Good Feels Good" album was released a little over a year after the first album, and I have to admit, I didn't appreciate it as much as I should have. As I'm typing this, I'm listening to the deluxe version and there's so many songs on this album that I've completely overlooked, like "Catch Fire", "Jet Black Heart", "Airplanes", and "Permanent Vacation". 

Fast forward three years later to the latest album, "Youngblood"; a great addition to their beautifully relatable and catchy power-pop-punk-rock repertoire. It gives me The 1975 vibes, which I'm 100% okay with, since The 1975 is another one of my favorite bands. This album brings a pretty different sound (which seems to be a trend with a lot of bands, especially within the last five years or so), but the title track is the one song I've had on repeat the longest, and definitely sets a tone for the storyline of the rest of the album, as every title track of any album should. I won't go into detail about every song on the whole album, but the one song that I love the most besides "Youngblood" is "Valentine". It has a very deep, sultry, very classic pop-rock sound. The song starts with this deep bass-y voice, which I can only assume was Ashton's in the studio, which makes sense because he had a hand in writing this song, as well as Luke and Calum. Calum starts with his vocals, then Luke, then the chorus comes around and I realize that this song is the least like any of 5SOS's other songs, or their previous sound. Also, the message of the song is great. Let's just say it's my kind of Valentine themed love song. Like, cut the frills, the balloons, and the chocolate (just not the flowers and the teddy bears, because I'll still take those); give me the love, the touch, the connection... It's great. Honorable mentions: "Talk Fast", "Woke Up In Japan", and "Babylon" from the deluxe version, which is 100% Calum Hood's vocals, and I had no idea how much I needed it until today. Listen to the album please. Do it now.

All in all, "Youngblood" is the more sexy and mature older brother of the other two studio albums. It's an incredible album and I'll probably have it playing over and over again for the next month or so, or until K-pop takes my attention again.

If you've heard the new album, how do you feel about it? What's your favorite song on the album? Let me know in the comments.

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