Incredibles 2 Movie Review [SPOILER ALERT, kinda?]

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October 27, 2004.

That was the day the first Incredibles film was released.  If you haven't seen it, where have you been hiding? 

The Incredibles ended with The Underminer drilling a hole out of the ground and attempting to do some thieving. The Incredibles were ready to save the day, then the credits started rolling. I and every other fan of the film wondered when the next film would be out because there was NO WAY IN HELL there couldn't have been a second one. Fast forward to June 15, 2018, almost 14 YEARS AND COUNTLESS OTHER PIXAR FILMS LATER [although Coco is my favorite Pixar film by far], and we finally have our sequel.

I gotta tell y'all that if you haven't seen The Incredibles 2 by now, you have to.  It was, pun intended, incredible and absolutely worth the wait.  Before the film even started, there was a cute little message from Pixar and the cast saying, "Okay, yes, we get it.  It's been 14 years. We're sorry we made you wait so long. But it'll be worth the wait. Here you go." I immediately knew it was the truth, not just because I had seen some reviews of the film already, but because, again, there would have been NO WAY that we would have waited this long for a film from Pixar for it to not be good. 

The storyline, while kind of predictable, was interesting and sort of intense in some moments. I'm still happy it started right where the first film left off, but I was also worried that whatever came next wouldn't be cohesive, BUT IT WAS. I also worried that the characters wouldn't have the same humor, BUT THEY DO. Right after the whole "Underminder" scene, the story flowed fairly effortlessly. And it sort of gave a little room for Violet's crush situation to be answered (Note: Y'all, I'm trying SO HARD to not spoil the whole movie, so just bear with the lack of story detail until you see it for yourself).  In the last film, Syndrome was the main villain and he was a great character in his own right, but this new villain, Screenslaver was really well done.

The Animation, THE ANIMATION!!!!!!!! I was talking to my mom about it, who was also saw the film with me, but fell asleep like she normally does, and ever since Brave came out in 2012, the quality of both Disney and Pixar's animation have gotten so much better and more detailed and intricate.  As an artist myself, although I have never tried my hand at animation, and as a perfectionist Virgo, I really appreciate the attention to detail for everything from single strands of the character's hair, to the detail in the super-suits, to the fight scene animation, to the animated lighting, to the quality of the strobe effects (which YES, were a bit much to handle, but really played an important and necessary role in the film), to the quality of the glitter and leather effects in Elastigirl's and the Incredibles' suits. I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT. ALL. I have no qualms or issues with the animation at all. 'Twas great.

If you're paying attention to the recent issues in politics, there's slight undertones of responses to some of the issues we've been hearing about in the news, in my opinion, so listen out for those. I also want to mention that the thing that made this film was Jack-Jack, and that's all I'll say because I can type and talk about how great his character progression was for a long time and my hands will get tired from typing, so I'll just end it here.

I'm not going to rate the film, becauseI'm not a real film critic, and I don't need to. There's a 93% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes so that's all there needs to be said.  It was absolutely worth the wait. 

Lonnie Pauls