Let's Talk About HyunA & E'Dawn...


This morning, I woke up, turned my alarm off, checked my phone, and I see this screenshot of an article from Soompi.


If you’re not familiar with HyunA and E’Dawn, let’s break this down:

Kim Hyun-A is a kpop artist, a singer/rapper, that for the last few years had an extremely successful solo career. At age 14, she debuted in JYP Entertainment (the company that manages GOT7, TWICE, 2PM, Jimin Park [not of BTS], Day6, and Stray Kidz) as the main rapper for the girl group Wonder Girls, then in 2009, she left Wonder Girls and JYP Entertainment, and joined Cube Entertainment to perform in the group 4Minute. While still a member of 4Minute, she debuted in 2011 as a solo artist with her first album Bubble Pop, and later that year debuted in the co-ed duo Trouble Maker with label mate Hyunseung (former member of boy group Beast).

In 2016, Wonder Girls disbands, HyunA renewed her contract with Cube and continued on as a solo artist, and later joined a label sub-unit trio called Triple H with Pentagon’s Hui and E’Dawn.

E’Dawn (Kim Hyo-Jong) debuted in 2016 with Cube Entertainment boy group Pentagon. E’Dawn, along with other members of Pentagon, were on the MNET reality show Pentagon Maker, and was eliminated originally, but he and three other Pentagon members were later re-added to the group before debut.

Back to the article.

I’m not going to lie, y’all… When I saw it, I thought it was a joke. A terrible and sick joke.

But apparently it wasn’t.

How did this all start?

Well, a few months ago while Triple H were doing promotions for their latest single Retro Future, HyunA and E’Dawn announced that they were dating, and had been for about 2 years. This doesn’t seem like a big deal for a lot of us, but in the K-pop music world, K-pop idols dating anyone is considered a no-no to K-Netizens/Sasaengs* and to a lot of K-pop Entertainment companies.

The idea behind keeping a relationship either under wraps or non-existent is to keep the integrity or the reputation of the company sneaky clean and without drama.

In HyunA and E’Dawn’s case, they had already been dating for two years, and waited until August of 2018 to announce the relationship to the public. Suddenly, a lot of these K-Netizens and Sasaengs began to attack Cube Entertainment, HyunA and E’Dawn because they believed they should only be focusing on their music and not dating. Then on September 13, 2018, Cube makes an announcement that they “removed/forced” HyunA and E’Dawn from the company, which means HyunA and E’Dawn have now had their contracts stripped from them, their rights as artists stripped from them, and their rights as two consenting adults minding their business stripped from them, too.

Oh but wait, there’s more!

Not too long after the removal was announced, Cube’s CEO (who has only been in his position for 2 years) released yet another statement that there wasn’t really a decision made on what they were going to do with HyunA and E’Dawn. Soompi highlighted this statement in another article:

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 6.35.27 PM.png

Quite frankly, and this should go without saying at this point, I. AM. LIVID.

There’s NO reason for this to have happened in the first place.

HyunA and E’Dawn announced they were dating, because they’re grown ass adults and they should be able to, Cube removes E’Dawn from Pentagon’s promotions in Korea and Triple H’s promotions for Retro Future permanently (which means not only did HyunA and E’Dawn have to suffer, but Hui did, too), then because the internet says so, they remove two of the biggest K-pop idols on their roster all together????

Cube, honey… Are y’all serious?

Here’s my issue: Cube Entertainment has LOST their minds. There’s absolutely no reason for this to have happened; I don’t care if they retracted the statement or not. If HyunA and E’Dawn want to be happy together and date each other, then so be it. No one, not even Cube or these netizens should be able to dictate what someone can or can’t do regardless of their status, regardless of their fame. HyunA and E’Dawn deserve to be happy.

And HyunA; she’s given way too much to this industry for Cube or netizens to treat her the way they are right now. She has been one of the biggest names in the K-pop industry for the last 12 years. E’Dawn has only been in the industry for 2, however, I think he deserves just as much happiness as HyunA and any other K-pop idol. There are plenty of idols who are married and have families now, and are still making music. If they can be free to be with who they want, then all of these younger idols deserve the same rights. This whole “idols-can’t-date-because-they-have-a-reputation-to-maintain” bullshit is dead. This has to stop.

Let K-pop idols date whoever they want.

I understand not dating for at least one or two so they can focus for a little while, but after that, they should be able to do as they please with whoever they please. Cube Entertainment has no right- no right - to take HyunA and E’Dawn’s opportunities away from them, especially, not after all they’ve contributed to the company this far.

I nor anyone else has any idea what might happen for HyunA and E’Dawn after this. My hope right now is that HyunA and E’Dawn stay together and don’t think they have to break up a good relationship for a company who clearly does not have their best interests at heart. I hope they bow out gracefully and possibly start their own companies or move to new ones that will give them their freedom, creatively and socially. I hope that Hui is able to stay connected with HyunA and E’Dawn and their friendship is not tarnished because of this stupid situation. I hope that if Pentagon continues making music that they remain successful. I hope that HyunA and E’Dawn has continued success in everything they do.

This whole debacle is ridiculous. My heart hurts for them both.

Let me know in the comments how y’all feel about all of this.

*K-Netizens: Koreans [that use the internet obsessively].

*Sasaeng: a crazed fan, a clingy fan, a controlling and delusional fan (and yes, this is my personal definition of a sasaeng).

Lonnie Pauls